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Simple Steps On How You Can Connect Your Website To Google Search Console And Google Analytics


Sep 18, 2021

Today, am going to teach you how to set up your google search console and google analytics.
So at the end of today’s reading, you must be able to know how to connect your website to the Google search console and how to connect google analysis to your website.
Google Search Console and Google Analytics are one of the most important tools u need to add to your website after the
They perform the most thing your site need and make your website look like a professional site.
So Let’s talk about Google Search Console
What is Google Search Console:
This is a tool mainly created and owned by Google. This is a tool that makes your website and your website post be on Google when people search for it.
If you didn’t set this tool there is no how your post will be index on google or view on google
How To Connect Google Search Console To Your Website:
For You To Connect your website to Search Console, You will you a tool called webmaster tools
Click here to sign up your account to the Webmaster Tools
After you have successfully created an account with the Search Console Now You Have to add your website
You will see a new pop up saying that you should add your website name
The First One: Domain
The Second One: URL prefix
Click on the second one and add your website address(URL) to it make sure you include your URL with “https”
Select done.
Another Pop up will display saying that you should verify your website URL
Scroll down and copy the code for “Html”
So go back to your website click on theme editor and search for “</head>” or locate where this code is on our theme editor
Paste the “html code” before the </head> and select save.
So now go back to your Search Console and click on Verify
It will be verified successfully if you place the Html code in the right place
You have successfully added your website to the google search console.
But if you haven’t added a sitemap to your google search console your post won’t be index on google.
How To Add Sitemap to Your Google Search Console:
Firstly if you are using WordPress this will be easy for you have to be using one SEO tool on your site which can generate your sitemap.
But if you are using Blogspot let me tell you how you are going to add it
We are going to be using another tool called “sitemap generator”
Click here which is going to redirect you to the sitemap generator
Add your website URL to it and click on generate a sitemap and copy all the text given
Go to your blogger dashboard and go to settings
Scroll down to “Crawlers and indexing”
Select Enable Custom robots.txt and activate it
Click on Custom robots.txt and paste what you copy on the sitemap generator and select save.
Now Go back to your Google Search Console and select sitemap
Select Add Sitemap
Add “/sitemap.xml” and click on save
Refresh your browser and see if the sitemap show success and if it didn’t show success tell us the issue in the comment box below

There is another new update on the google search console which is called “Google Insight”

With this Search Console Insight, you will be able to see the total views you have on each post, and how they get through your post

So this is all on how you can create Create and Connect your website to google search console

So guys let’s move to Google analytics

What is Google Analytics?:

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand

How To Connect Your Website To Google Analytics:

Click here it will redirect you to Google Analytics Dashboard

Sign up with your Gmail and follow the following steps:

Click on Start Measuring

Fill up the account details with your website name

Enable the following:

Google products & services


Technical support

Account specialists

After you have enabled the following click on next

Next Step Which is: Property Setup

Enter the property name which is your website name

Select the reporting time zone and set it to your location

Select your currency which is the currency you are using in the above country which you set

After that select “show advanced option”

Enable “Create a universal Analytics property”

Enter your website URL where given and make sure you don’t add the “HTTPS”

Click on Create both a Google Analytics 4 and a universal analytics property

Click on Next and select your Industry Categories

Select your business size to 1-10 employees

After that Enable the Following:

Measure customer engagement with my site or app

Optimize my site or app experience

Measure data across multiple devices or platforms

Enable Measure content monetization

Measure app installs

Enable Measure lead generation

After you have enabled all that have listed above click on create

Accept all the pop up of  their policy after that select I Accept

Copy the Google Analytics Property ID code  and go to your blogger dashboard

Click on or go to setting and select Google Analytics Property ID

Paste the code there and click on save

After you have done that, it means you have successfully connected your website to Google Analytics.

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