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My Favourite Game Football


Sep 23, 2021

My Favourite Game Football

Football is one of the most famous games in the world. It is played in almost 100 countries. It is an outdoor sport played between two teams. Each of these teams has 11 members. The field is rectangular and has a goal post on each end.

The prime goal of the football game is to score a goal against the opponent team. The team that scores the max number of goals against the other wins the match. As the name suggests, the player plays this game by kicking the ball with their foot. Also, the other name given to this game is “Soccer.”

Football is an extremely popular game that attracts people all throughout the world. It helps many to get relief from stress, teaches teamwork, discipline, and also brings fitness to the fans and players. It is a game of much wonder, joy, and interest.

History of Football Game

Football is said to be an ancient Greek game known as “Harpaston.” It was played be kicking a ball with foot by two teams. It was a rough game aimed to score a goal by kicking or running the ball past the goal line.

It was played with no particular side boundaries, the number of players, limits filed to size, and many more. It is said that it had its origin in twelfth. Later on, football became famous in England first, and then its rules came into effect when it became a leading sport in institutions in the 19th century.

Further, it was spread to the US but was mostly banned in schools because of the increasing brutality. But it got legalized by the committee in 1905.

How to Play Football Game?

Football is a famous sport that keeps players disciplined and healthy. It develops their team spirit, sense of tolerance, and mind among them. It is played for 90 mins in two halves of 45 mins, and 15 mins break.

This game has two teams of 11 players in each. Here, players have to kick a ball with their feet and take a goal by putting the ball into the goal post of the opponent team. In order to oppose the goal made of players of the opponent team, there is a goal-keeper on both sides.

Players are prevented to touch the ball with hand except for the goalkeeper. A team having more goals is declared as the winner and the other as a loser. The game of football is conducted by two linesmen, one on each side and by a referee.

All the players are warned to follow the rule while playing strictly. It has been an international game & played as a World Cup tournament every four years in various countries throughout the world.

Rules in Game Football

Similar to other games, there are some rules and regulations in a football match. First, the ball shouldn’t be touched by hand. If the ball gets touched, the other team gets a free kick.

There is a small area near the goalpost. ‘D’ is the game of that area. The boundary of ‘D’ is at least 10 yards from the goalpost. If a player touches the ball, they’re the opposite team gets a penalty.

Further, there are other rules. The second crucial rule is the “offside rule.” In this rule; when the player crosses the defender line, it becomes the off-side. If you are a great fan of football, you must know what defenders are.

In this sport, the players are into three sub-categories. The first category is “Forward.” These are players who put the ball in the goalpost’s net. The 2nd category is a “Midfielder.”

They pass the ball to the forward player. The 3rd category is the “Defenders.” The defenders stop the other team players from putting the ball in the goalpost.

Apart from this, if a player injures and fouls the other team player, the referee gives him a “Yellow” or “Red Card.” The yellow card is a warning card, and the red card is a suspension card. This card suspends the play for the rest of the football game

Like said earlier, a sports person plays the game on a rectangular field. Here, the length of the area is 110m, and the breadth is 75m long. There are lines marked in the field known as yards; the center line is the 50-yard line and the line near the goal post is the 10-yard line.

Each team comprises 2 center forward players, one right out and one left out, 4 back players and 2 halfback players, and a goalie. Here, the players are prevented from touching the ball with hand… Only a goalie can do so.

Why football is My favorite Game?

For me, football is my all favorite time game. It has been the source of immense enjoyment and excitement for both my family and me. I played for my school’s football team on the attacking side and felt a rush in my veins whenever I take the ball forward to the opponent’s goalpost.

When I scored a goal, all my teammates will come cheering me. I have always watched football, and Christino Ronaldo is my favorite player. He plays as a forward player and is indeed the greatest of all times.

Certainly, he is the best player the world has known in football. I watch all his matches, and he is my role model. I even try to imitate his move while playing.

Importance of Playing Football Game

Soccer has also been a source of great physical activity. As it is played for 90 mins with a break of 15 mins after 45 mins, it is a game that keeps a person running around the field all the 90 minutes.

So, a 90 mins cardio workout will surely keep people fit and immune to diseases. Playing football is refreshing to the body. And the best part is that it is a team game, so you will find a feeling of effort and team building. Working in teams will surely help one in the future.

If you play soccer regularly, it will render so many benefits like improving fitness skills, enhancing concentration level, psychosocial benefits, increasing aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and so forth. It benefits people of all age groups.

Some of the important advantages of playing football games are

  • Football game makes a person punctual, calm and disciplined
  • The game improves cardiovascular health & engages the cardiovascular system
  • It motivates players to teamwork.
  • Football improves the level of fitness skills
  • It helps improve health habits, muscle strength, gain lean muscle, lose more body fat throughout life.
  • The game football improves mental and physical strength
  • It provides social and psychological benefits by helping players deal with disappointment and practice good fair play.
  • Football game improves confidence level self-esteem by quick-thinking & developing adaptability
  • Reduces depression by developing positive attitudes


Football, throughout the sport, represents life. Strive hard to succeed and must know how to work and team up with others as in football; it is only the team spirit that will lead you to play and win against the opponent

In life, you keep running behind a goal and score one. So, children and kids must be promoted to play soccer at schools and home to get fit mentally and physically. Hope you liked this essay on my favorite game football.

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