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Meet Nigeria’s Most Richest Forex Trader and Entrepreneur; Jeffrey Benson, who openly flipped an account of $27,000 to $94,000 in 15days.


Jun 13, 2022

On May 10 2022, Jeffrey Benson took to his instagram story of an account ($27,000) he was about to flip, which he openedly took everyone on the journey. And successfully flipped it to $94,000 in 15days.

Jeffrey Benson has made his name a well-known name in the nigerian forex industry by proving his skill repeatedly through his epic flips.


Who is Jeffrey Benson?

Jeffrey Asabi Benson, known professionally as Jeffrey Benson, is a Nigerian Forex Trader, Youtuber and entrepreneur. Who is currently considered by many Nigerians in the Foreign Exchange industry to be the Best Trader in Nigeria.


Forex Trading Career

Jeffrey Benson started his journey in forex trading 2017. And gained consistency in a year and half.

He built an account from $25,000 to $240,000 in six months. And that was a breakthrough in his career.

He also flipped small trading accounts just for fun, like flipping $47 to $ 1000 and making withdrawal live on YouTube for the view of all His followers and subscribers.

Jeffrey Benson has also flipped multiple small accounts in matter of days. Which is featured in his YouTube channel

Jeffrey’s net worth is estimated to be over $2,000,000, He is the founder and CEO of Firepipsfx Academy, an Online Education Center. He has partnered with many Forex brokers such as Infinox, Exness and many more.


Company: Firepipsfx

Contact Person: Jeffrey Benson

Instagram: Jeffrey_Benson

YouTube: Jeffrey Benson

Website: https://firepipsfx.com

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