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FOOTBALL LOVER!! Who Is The Best Player Player In La Liga Now That Messi Is No Longer There?


Aug 14, 2021

Hello football lovers,

The football world witnessed one of the biggest transfers in football with Lionel Messi’s love story with his former club Barcelona coming to an end.

Messi was the best player in the league and in the world never wanted to leave but the situation was more than the club and Messi himself.

With Messi gone, many people will lose interest in La Liga this season and focus more on the French league 1.

La Liga used to be the home of world-class players because they had the best of the best players (in Messi and Ronaldo) then but now both are no longer there.

Not to right other players off, they still have fantastic players like Hazard, Benzema, Suarez, Griezman, Coutinho, Kroos, and so on.

La Liga lost 2 of his best players (Messi and Ramos) to French league giant PSG this season on a free transfer and one would wonder who is the star player now in La Liga.

So guys,


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