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Ballon D’or 2021 – Check The Stats That Made Messi Won The Ballon D’or Award Over Lewandoski – Do You Now Agree He Deserves It?


Dec 1, 2021

Yesterday, the most unbelievable thing happened – Messi was awarded the Ballon D’or Award  😲😲

I personally felt Lewandoski is the rightful winner but he was robbed and Messi was awarded. I even did a post about that but it seems I was totally wrong.

So, while checking through my Whatsapp statuses, someone posted these stats and said that was the reason the Ballon D’or was awarded to Messi instead of Lewandoski (who many people agree is the rightful winner).

I’m 100% sure that even you will agree that Messi truly deserves it over Lewandoski if you carefully go through the stats.

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